The Head Chef, Kenneth Culhane, and the kitchen team at The Dysart Petersham take the upmost care in sourcing the freshest and highest quality produce they can find, adding immeasurably to the aromas, flavours and appearance of the dishes we serve.


We share this ethos behind the bar, hand selecting our products from numerous different suppliers, as well as, wherever possible, using fresh ingredients from our garden or from the local wild lands to make our cocktails and cordials, seeking out items distinctive for aroma and flavour.


Our wine list has over 130 bins, with wines from all corners of the globe, some especially chosen to represent excellent quality and value for money at entry level price, others carefully compiled as the very best examples of “the bottle for that special occasion”. Many are produced on organic or biodynamic principles, though the producers make little of this, as yet. Our favourite winemakers share our love of quality, character and natural methods of husbandry and production – and are prepared to go that extra mile to achieve it.


With the dramatic recent improvements in the quality of English wine we have been particular about giving strong emphasis to our nation’s vineyards, serving Nyetimber Classic Cuvée 2007, West Sussex, as our house “champagne”, as well as  other white and rosé wines from Southern England, and a Blanc de Blancs from award winning Warwickshire vineyard, Welcombe Hills.


Many of the wines have been selected by the bar, restaurant and kitchen team especially to match the Head Chef’s signature dishes. 


The feeling of inspiration when tasting a wine, then a dish, then tasting them together to find that the combination is far more than the sum of the parts is something we value very highly, and can be experienced with our tasting menu, or by individual recommendations from our team. Many of the dishes on our à la carte menu also offer a wine recommendation, available by the glass.


The joy of pairing wine and food is also demonstrated at our wine dinners, where individual producers from around the world showcase and introduce their wines alongside dishes especially crafted by us for them. The process of tasting the wines with Kenneth Culhane and helping to create a balanced and inventive menu is always an enjoyable experience!


We have also just introduced beer pairings to our tasting menu, drawing on our specialist beers. Just as we have nothing on our wine list simply for name, each item is there because of individual character, or to compliment food. A good example is our Chocolate Porter, which is a special experience served with our chocolate and praline bar.


It is the same with our spirits, where all styles are represented, from Scottish single malts to Japanese malt whisky and sake and with an outstanding selection of unusual and delightful vodkas and gins, each with its own distinctive character.


Central to our offering here is our use of foraged and local produce; whenever we can we bring these fresh local items, including many traditional yet now unusual herbs, into our drinks. For much of this summer our house "champagne" cocktail has been a Petersham raspberry Kir Royale, made with a homemade raspberry cordial and Nyetimber 2007 Classic Cuvée 2007.


This spring we made our own elderflower "champagne". Last Autumn Kenneth made rosehip cordial and an elderberry cordial – a flavour like no other – which was a beautiful drink, either with champagne, or as a long, soft drink with fresh lime and soda.