Petersham hand reared, rare breed pork


Over the year we look forward to the times we receive Petersham reared, rare breed pigs, Oxford Sandy and Blacks.


Hand and home reared, running free in a Petersham garden, with thoughtful care and responsibility for their welfare and an unstressed, natural life, these pigs are fed on corn based, vegetarian pig nut feed, lashings of fresh fruit and raw vegetables in season, acorns in the autumn.


The pork is beautifully lean and full of flavour.


Butchery is carried out here with care, skill and traditional methods by our Head Chef, Kenneth Culhane, and his team.


With head to tail butchery and cooking, everything is used and no flavour foregone.


Kenneth cooks:


- leg, slow cooked overnight in spices: juniper, thyme, bay leaf, cinnamon, star anise and garlic


- crisp crackling from the skin and ears, slow cooked, confit, fine sliced and roasted


- shoulder, slow cooked overnight for 12 hours, rolled with some of the fat and served with the slow cooked loin


- the head, also slow cooked overnight and made into a terrine and for canapés


- lower trotters, used to set stocks


- liver, devilled and served with lime persillade and sherry vinegar


and creates a main course of pork, bringing all these together, with slow cooked shoulder, liver with the lime persillade, loin, slow cooked leg and crackling.


We cure our own pancetta, a 4 week process, including a week of curing in a medley of spices such as cardamom and fennel and hanging for 3 weeks in muslin.


Yarrow leaves, nettles, freshly made rosehip syrup are just some of the other local, foraged flavours brought to these dishes over the year.


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