This Spring we sowed meadow flower seeds in a corner of our garden and, despite a late start as a result of the Spring weather, enjoyed an abundance of wild flowers, including: Cornflowers, Fairy Toadflax, Tickseed and Corn Marigold, Black-eyed Susan, Red Orache, Larkspur and Shirley and Californian poppies.


It was a delight to see the pleasure this gave to so many people, adults and children alike, and to spot the first bees attracted by the flowers.


We would like to thank all the people who stopped to look at the changing kaleidoscope of flowers and who wrote or spoke to us about the pleasure they had given. Many local people have said that they have been inspired to sow wild flowers in their garden in 2013. We aim to sow again in the Spring and are hoping we will be rewarded by flowers from the seeds of this year’s flowers.


For more information about seeds and links to the BBC programmes on wild flowers earlier this year :


You can view a slideshow of some of the photographs of the flowers taken during the Summer by clicking here or on the background picture.