Local Walks


There are many calm and beautiful walks through the wonderful surroundings of Richmond Park and Petersham which seem as though they are in a different world.


Here we show just one of the short walks immediately opposite the Dysart Arms which is an enjoyable amble after lunch and will take you past ancient trees, past fallen branches rotting slowly into the ground and full of wild life , past rabbit warrens, elder flowers and berries, brambles, past King Henry VIII’s Mound with its protected view to the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral, to the top of the Hill overlooking The Dysart Petersham and back down through the woods to The Petersham Gate.


If you are lucky you will see the herds of deer, fallow and red,  which frequent this part of the Park. You will pass trees painted by one of the local artists whose works we show. The quality of light and shadow here is special , whether in the morning or early evening sun. The place is special, in all seasons and in all weathers.


Here we show this walk in Summer dress – it is just as beautiful dressed in Spring blossom, in Autumn leaves, or in the frosts and chilled mists of Winter. Trevor Aston’s photograph of the Dysart Arms from the top of the hill in the Park through frost crusted branches shows this beautiful view and the very rural setting of the Dysart Arms.


Ask the Manager for more details if you want to try this walk. Allow  20 to 30 minutes, or longer if you want to enjoy the views from the top.


The slideshow takes you through the walk. 


There are also lovely walks entirely on the flat and suitable for wheelchairs. Please ask for details.


Over the Winter we will add more walks to this one.


You can view the slideshow by clicking here or on the background picture


Click here to see Trevor Aston’s photograph down to Petersham from the top of the hill.